​Nikita (or NikitaCosplay) is a french cosplayer, she’s always been passionate by animes, fantastic movies, comics and mangas. She fell in love with Cosplay when she was in high school. At this point, she already was studying art to become a designer. And cosplay was the ideal equation between the culture she loved, designing costumes and performing on stage.
In 2006, she debuted in this so special hobby. Her improvement in craftsmanship earned her to be chosen twice in 2008 and 2010 to represent France at the World Cosplay Summit. Her other major awards are: European Cosplay Gathering 2015 Champion, Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2017 Champion along with over 50 «best in show» local awards.

She travels all over the world as a convention guest, and is often asked to be a judge in the cosplay competitions and to host panels. She’s considered as reference, not only in tailoring but also in cosplay performing.

About 148 000 people follow her on Instagram, 368000 on TikTok, and 82 000 on Facebook. Her community likes the Craftmanship of her costumes, her attention to details, her spectacular performances and the versatility of the characters she picks.

All of her 130 cosplays are handmade with Passion and Fun. In 2017 she also wrote a best selling book to guide beginners into the world of cosplay.  Her new 2020 book will guide every cosplayer into their fairytale dream... More about it very soon!

She also is one of the most professionnal cosplayers in the world with partners like material shops, fabric brands, video games editors, Cool Japan program... Each of them satisfied by the positive influence she offers.


In 2016 she published her first Tutorial Book in French for begginners, It was a best-seller, praised for giving access to the basic steps of this sophisticated art. In september 2020, she releases her brand new book: Self-Made Princess.

Positivity, Expertise, Inspiration and Education are the key words of her profile