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Book Nikita as a Cosplay Guest!


Nikita has been traveling around the world as cosplay guest in a hundreds of conventions and events. She offers a lot of different services such as:

-Judging a cosplay contest (with more than 100 cosplay contest judging experience including national selections for WCS, ECG, Eurocosplay and much more)

-Hosting a panel, a masterclass or a Questions and answers session, in french or in English.

-Meet and greets, signing sessions for your attendees to get a souvenir with her.

-Performing! She can perform on your stage, as a solo performer or with her group for family friendly show inspired by the broadway musicals


-Influence by spreading the word about your event.


-Inspire your local cosplay community by wearing show stopping handmade costumes. for conditions and rates

Upcoming Events
Past Events

-Japan Expo  (Paris, France)
-Nanning Carnival (China)

-Made in Asia (Belgium)

-Animefest (Czech Republic)

-Jpop Con (Denmark)
-Cartoomics (Italy)

-Salon del Manga (Spain)

-TNT (Mexico)

-Dragon Con (USA)

-Otakuthon (Canada)

-Polymanga (Switzerland)

-German Comic Con (Germany)



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